Short Stay Melbourne Apartments

Nook Melbourne Short Stay Melbourne City Apartments

No Goat For Jack

Jack, founder of No Goat For Jack, is the creator of much of the furniture in the short stay apartments. Jack has long had a mutual love of design and engineering and has recently merged the two in his latest venture, No Goat For Jack. Designed and constructed by hand by the man himself, No Goat For Jack is a pivotal partner in shaping the look and feel of the apartments.

Nook Melbourne Short Stay Melbourne City Apartments

Interior Styling

Merging her interior styling and industrial design experience, Con has created the look and feel of each of the apartments. With over 15 year's experience styling homes in Melbourne, the bright colours, clean lines and simple finishings are demonstrative of her style and our individual tastes.

Nook Melbourne Short Stay Melbourne City Apartments


Andrew has been designing mattresses for over 20 years and has been awarded best mattress design in Australia three years in a row. Having him on board to design our mattresses was paramount to ensuring a great night's sleep for our guests. Manufactured and designed in Melbourne, every component of the mattresses are locally sourced from the foam box and pocket springs to the snuggly pillow tops.

Nook Melbourne Short Stay Melbourne City Apartments

In Pursuit of Gluttony

We love good food and leave no stone unturned when hunting down the best eats and drinks in Melbourne. Luckily, Emma also likes to write about our food adventures. Check out her blog In Pursuit of Gluttony, which highlights the best cuisines this diverse city has to offer.

Nook Melbourne Short Stay Melbourne City Apartments


If you're in Melbourne for work or pleasure there's no reason to fall behind on your training schedule, but taking your bike interstate, or internationally, can be a drag. 10Bikes offers short term rentals on premium bikes for the serious cyclist. They currently stock the 2014 Giant TCR Advanced 1, fitted with Ultegra components and customisable to your specs. This includes frame size, stem length and height and seat position.